Please Pray.....

New requests and updates will be added as they come in.

Text/call Kenny (918)740-0922 if you want something to be added to this list or updated.

January 18

Doug & Shirley Barton

Please pray for their family. That God would move in a mighty way.

-Doug's mom is in cardiac ICU recovering from covid. They are testing her for bleeding in her brain. They will have to put her on a breathing machine.

-Doug's sister has been on a ventilator due to complications from covid. They are planning on removing her from the vent today because she has not done well. They are not expecting her to make it. 

Darrin Wickett

Continue to pray for his mom and dad who have Covid. 

Dec. 16

Robert Rushing

Robert is off of the ventilator. Praise God!!! Continue to pray for him as his lungs continue to heal. This includes the difficult rehab process.

Dec 14

Robert Rushing

He is still on the ventilator. He is doing therapy and engaging more. They are hoping to move him from the ventilator to a trach later this week. Pray he is able to do that. Also continue to pray for Donna and the family.

Charlene Cahwee

She had the procedure done on her knees and the docs said it went well. 

Ellis Messer

His procedure went well and doctors expect him to see a noticeable difference in his energy. Pray also for his daughter who has developed a deep cough.

Casey Plunkett

He has tested positive for Covid.

Debbie Cawvey's mom

Doing good but has low potassium. Continue to pray for her.

Dec 9

Charlene Cahwee

She is at St. Francis they think he she has a bacteria in her joint fluids. They plan on doing a flush later today.

Casey Plunkett

He is not feeling well and is having a Covid test done today.

Robert Rushing

He is in a new facility and is still on the vent. He is starting to do some of his own breathing and they are beginning to do some movement therapy with him. He is responsive with small gestures and sounds. Praise God for progress!

Dec 2

Robert Rushing

This is an update that Donna put on facebook...

"Today is day 27 in the hospital and day 24 on the vent. He is still sedated but off the paralytic. When the nurses move him in his bed, sometimes he will open his eyes. Not sure he really sees though. Yesterday they had him breathing more on his own to exercise his lungs. Then last night they let the vent do all his breathing to give his lungs a rest. Today again they will let him do his own breathing. These are baby steps to his recovery. I am so thankful that I currently get to be with him 24hrs a day."

NOV. 29

Hershel Thompson

-His heart is back in rhythm.

-He is home and getting his strength back.

-Continue to pray for him(healing) and Sue.

Robert Rushing

-He has had some good days. His oxygen level is up and ventilator level down. Praise God!

-He is being moved into a regular ICU. Donna will be able to be with him.

Lexi Cahwee has a friend whose cousin is on the ventilator and has been pronounced brain dead. Pray for this family!

Fonda Perkins

-She was released from the hospital.

Nov. 24

Mark Warren

-Tested positive for covid.

Nov. 23

Robert Rushing

-He had a good day. His lungs need to continue to heal. All other areas are doing well.

Charlene Cahwee

-She is at the ER. She was having stomach issues and they are running scans.

Hershel Thompson

-His procedure went well and he is up and walking.

Steven Dobyns

-His biopsy came back and and he is cancer free.

Fonda Perkins

-Still at the hospital and being moved to a regular room.

Nov. 20

Robert Rushing

-He is still on the ventilator. Please pray that he will make some new progress. Pray also for Donna and the family. Thank you.

Hershel Thompson

-He is still in the hospital. They have had delays in doing the procedure to get his heart back in rhythm. It is scheduled for Monday. Pray for him and Sue.

Pray for our church as we go back online. 

Nov. 18

Pam Tufts

-Friend of the McGuire's, she is having a biopsy on Thursday.

Robert Rushing

-Is having good days. They are making adjustments to medicines and the vent each day. 

-Keep praying

Hershel Thompson

-He is in St. Johns. They are still working to get his heart rhythm on track. Continue to pray for Hershel and Sue. 

Nov. 16

Jeff Myers(Kenny's Brother)

-Sick, possibly Covid. He has the typical symptoms.

Robert Rushing

-had another quiet day, yesterday. Still going in the right direction. Continue to pray.

Fonda Perkins

-She came home from the ER last night, praise God. Continue to pray she gets past her symptoms.

Nov. 15 (update)

Dean Brant

-Her daughter's family lives in Texas. Her family has Covid. They are getting better but she is not.

Nov. 15 (update)

Fonda Perkins

-Darla(Fonda's daughter) took Fonda to the ER. Her coughing and nausea was not getting better and she was worried about dehydration. The doctors are checking her out. We will update here when we hear more.

Benjalie Warren

-She tested positive for Covid and has aches & a headache.

Robert Rushing

He has had another good day. The nurse said he is where they would expect at this point.

Nov. 15

Most of those that have tested positive continue to keep feeling better and coming out of quarantine. Continue to pray for them.

Jase Martin(Covid)

Robert Rushing

-He had a quiet day, yesterday. His numbers are good. He is still on the ventilator and it continues to give him the rest and recovery he needs. They have made some adjustments to the ventilator in a positive direction. Overall, he is moving in the right direction.

Mark Warren requested prayer for:

-His mom is in the hospital with breathing/sugar issues.

-A friend of his lost his dad yesterday.

-Benjalie's not feeling well.

Nov. 13

Brandi Coffey(covid)

- no symptoms as of last night.

Keith Henderson

-Feeling pretty good.

Steven Dobyns(Ellen's Son)

-He is having skin cancer removed today.

Nov. 12

Keith Henderson(Covid)

-Tested positive, feeling pretty good.

Keep praying for all those that have Covid. It seems to be a slow recovery back to full strength and getting over the cough and other symptoms. "Feeling better" doesn't mean they are back to right. So keep praying for all of them. Thanks.

Ellen Dobyns' great-grandson(Sean), wife(Alex), Son(Lincoln)


Robert Rushing

-He is still on the Ventilator. He is having good days, but keep praying.

Nov. 10

Fonda Perkins

-She has tested positive for Covid. She has cough and sore throat.

Jennifer Ware

-says she is feeling good. Praise God!

Rita & Buster

-They are out of quarantine tomorrow.

Jimmy Gore

-His mom and dad are doing better.

Robert Rushing

-He is still on the ventilator. He had a good night. His heart rate was down some(possibly due to the sedation). Keep the prayers coming.

Nov. 9

Jennifer Ware

-tested positive for covid

Randy & Lisa

-Getting better. Pray they continue to get their strength back.

Buster & Rita

-Felt some better the last day or so. Keep Praying.

Nikki Tucker

-Breathing is improving. Keep praying

Mike Leeper

-Feeling better today. Vickie is so thankful. Continue to pray.

Joe Valentine

-Still weak and struggling with cough. Continue to pray.

Debbie Cawvey

-Says she is starting to feel better. Still struggles coughing. Keep praying.

Chris Norwood

-Feeling better, Still can't taste. Keep praying.

Mark McGuire

-Had some breathing issues over the weekend. Feeling better. Keep praying.

Eldred Ware

-Feeling good. Testing so he can go back to work. Pray it is negative.

Trey & Kristen Bilby

-They have been released back into the world. Praise God!

Robin Wickett

-She has been released back into the world. Praise God!

Jessica Harjo & kids

-The kids are feeling better. Jessica is still battling a cough. Continue to pray.

Robert Rushing

-Will be on the ventilator at least until tomorrow. The reports have been positive. The ventilator was doing 100% of the work. It has dropped to doing just 50% of the work, this evening. Pray his lungs and body continue to get stronger. 

Nov. 8

Robert Rushing

-He will be on a respirator for two days. His immune system is still weak.

Nov. 7

Nikki Tucker

-She is back at home.

Robert Rushing

-He is having trouble fighting the virus. His immune system is weak. They plan to do a blood transfusion tonight.

Nov. 6

Elaine Cooper & Family(Elaine's daughter passed away)

-Funeral is on Saturday @ 2:00pm(@Smiths)

Buster & Rita(Covid)

Joe Valentine(Covid)

Nikki Tucker is at St. Francis(south)

-she waving breathing issues.

Robert Rushing is at St. Francis

-doctors say they expect he will be in for 2-3 days

Nov. 5(update)

Chris Norwood(Covid)

Nov. 5

Robert Rushing(Covid)(Heading to St. Francis)

Randy & Lisa Rice(Covid)

Mark McGuire(Covid)

Debbie Cawvey(Covid)

Mike Leeper(Covid Recovery)

Eldred Ware(Covid)

Nikki Tucker(Covid)

Trey Bilby(Covid)

Kristen Bilby(Covid)

Jessica Harjo, Salo, Coconut, Micco(Covid)

Robin Wickett(Covid)

Jimmy Gore's mom & Dad(Covid)

Dvlyn Rogers(Sick)

Buster & Rita(Sick)

Courtney Upton's Grandma, Judy(Sick)

Elaine Cooper & Family(Elaine's daughter passed away)

-Funeral is on Saturday @ 2:00pm(Smiths)

Allen Church(While we are online thru Nov.15)

Adrian, Cara & Eden(our new Family Pastor & family)

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