Community Groups

We are all about "Growing Deep, Living Strong" and one way we do that is through Community Groups. Currently all of our Community Groups meet on Wednesdays. We stunt our spiritual growth when we try to live out our faith alone. So jump in one of our Community Groups.

*The ages of our adult groups are just a guide. We have older people in younger groups and younger people in older groups. Join what ever group works for you.

Led by Darrin

Group(over 55*)

(6pm in the Lobby

Led Mark

Group (over 35*)

(7pm in the Gym Upstairs)

Led by Kenny

Group (Young Adult*)

(7pm in the Lobby)

Student Group (6th-12th)

(7pm in the Gym Upstairs)

Kid's Group (pre-k - 5th)

(7pm in the Gym Downstairs)


(7pm in the Nursery)