Allen Update: Mask Changes

Allen Church,

I want to start out and say a big thank you to our leadership and whole church as we have tried to navigate this last year. It has been a year I won’t soon forget and you have been willing to do what was necessary. We have been online, met outside, changed our starting time, socially distanced, wore masks and other precautions. Allen friends, you have been amazing!

We have had a policy of wearing masks since we have been meeting back together.  We wanted to maintain this policy of wearing masks until everyone had the opportunity to get the vaccine. The vaccine is readily available and it seems people have had ample opportunity to get the vaccine if they choose. This week the CDC has come out with encouraging statements reiterating the benefits and effectiveness of the vaccine. This has caused them to alter their recommendations.

In light of these event we will be making masks optional starting tomorrow, May 16, at all of our events/services moving forward. I know for some this is a welcome change and for others it might bring some nervousness. So remember the following:

-If you feel more comfortable wearing masks, please continue doing so. I know many will.

-We will still have masks and sanitizer available at the church.

-We will continue to stream our services on Facebook and Youtube for those that watch at home.

Finally, God has been faithful through these last 14 months. He will continue to be faithful moving forward. We serve a great God and He is doing something new and exciting at Allen. I see it in people getting connected, new faces each week and ministry plans in the works. The Sprit is moving and I can’t wait to see what it Allen looks like after another 14 months. May the Lord richly bless you and your family.

Also, don’t miss tomorrow morning. We will be celebrating our seniors and their graduation

In Christ,

Pastor Kenny