Kenny Myers, Lead Pastor

Kenny is married to Gina and is the love of his life. He has 3 girls(Anna, Allie & Aubrey), who he thinks are the "awesomest". Kenny is a fan of the Sooners, cheesecake, laughing and teaching people about Jesus. 


Adrian Holland, 

Family Pastor

Many people often ask… Who is Adrian Holland? This is a question that has perplexed and confounded many philosophers and sages all throughout time. Many have searched in an attempt to understand the vast complexities and depths of this man’s soul. And… at the end of the day people walk away saying the same thing. “Man. I love that guy.” To most Adrain is a wanderer, journeying through life’s ebb and flows with tenacity and courage. We simply call him Adrian… our student pastor. He’s the life of the party. He loves Jesus. He loves his wife Cara and child Eden. He loves his calling.

Originally, Adrian is from Tulsa, OK.